Monday, January 24, 2011

Love the old Puyo Puyo games...but I hate the new ones.

Okay, this post might cause some controversy but I gotta get this out of my hair. Now, if anyone knows the Puyo Puyo series, then you know it's a puzzle game to match 4 things of the same color to drop grey ones on the other side. The only versions released international was the first game, two clones, Dr. Robotnik's MBM and what I believe the abominable Kirby's Avalanche, (What's the point on cloning the same game?) Puyo Puyo for the GBA and Puyo Puyo Fever. Games starting with Fever was created by Sega and has a brand new cast. You might think this is a good thing. "laughs" WRONG!

What's my problem with the new cast? Well, let's talk about the old cast. You got Arle and Carbuncle going on an adventure to stop Satan-sama's(or Dark Prince if you're so religious) plan of whatever stupid plot he came up with. Along with them, we have some colorful characters like Zo-Daimaoh the elephant, Skeleton-T, Kiki-Mora, Lagnus the Brave, Witch, Schezo, Rulue and so on. What makes these cast so unique is that despite the fact they're weird,  their antics are always hilarious, leading to disastrous yet funny results. As for the new cast, ugh, they are kind of dull compared to the old cast with a few exceptions. There's events happening in the new games. For the new cast, Amiitie, Raffiene, Oshare Bones, Ringo, Klug, Feli, Ms. Accord, Lemres, Rider and Popoi are worthy characters to the series in my opinion. The rest are trash.

As for the attitude of the new characters, they're a bit subpar. Amitie wants to be the best magic user ever, which is all and good, Raffiene wants to be better than Amitie, Klug is a smart-ass, Ringo is smart and cute, Oshare Bones's a fashion bug, Feli has a crush on Lemres and has a dark side for anyone to get near him, Ms. Accord may look ditzy yet she can be a bit deceptive, Popoi is her pet, and Rider is shy yet I liked her. They're not bad but still a ways to go in my book. OK, I liked the new games because of their design despite it's a bit too generic. The only game I would get from the new Puyo Puyo cast is either 15th Anniversary or Puyo Puyo 7 on the Wii, the DS or PS2. However, they're Japan exclusive so I have to import it if I get it for the PS2 or Wii.

Now if you love the new games made by Sega, fine. Just don't give me hell about it and forcing me to play them. I don't like them, but you do, let's make it a rational disagreement, shall we? =)

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